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Baitless on Baja
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kayak beach camping Baja

Kayak camping BAJA
by Makobob
Kayak camping in Baja is ALL logistics. Weights must be kept down. How do you shuttle to your destination? Where to camp and how to set your camp up all need to be planed out ahead of time.

As you plan there is a lot to think about. Is this a nature paddle or a fish trip? Is it a solo trip or are you going with a small group of friends. What will you take for food and camp gear? How will you cook? What about a hot shower?

To start, pick a safe place to end your kayak camping trip. A place with an easy beach landing and parking for your vehicles. This will be both your starting and finishing location. I use mako-ville for it is a safe and secure area. Friends to watch your truck and gear are important.

kayak camping anyone?
kayak camping a safe place to park
Pack your gear, camp stuff will be distributed among these going. Community gear you will need should include the items below as a minimum.

A sturdy grill to use over an open fire. Small stove to heat water. Tongs, meat fork, cooking spoon, and a spatula. The skillet needs to be big enough to cook a meal for the whole crowd. A pan or two to boil water or to cook a one pot meal. Lighting for use at night. A coffee pot?

Oil, aluminium foil, spices, and food for the trip. Corn on the cob, cabbage, onions, carrots and potatoes and packaged tortillas all keep well, without refrigeration. Pastas and rice take up little space and can be prepared with SEA water. Powdered eggs, make breakfast burritos quick and easy. One Hobie PA needs to carry an ice chest. Bring pasta sauce or makings for an easy meal with or without protein.

The ice chest will carry frozen gallons of drinking water. It will also carry along the frozen vacuumed bagged meats for one or two meals. If room allows bring a couple of pounds of frozen bacon, it can be used many ways. You will catch fish, gather clams or find a shrimp boat to cover your other protein needs or go meat less.

The above items will be shared so keep everyone's weight down. Personal items need to be kept lite. Layered clothing and outer jacket or rain jacket. Your sleeping bag, ground cloth and pad will come in handy. Sun protection, hat, long sleeve shirts, and tarp. Leave room for your tackle. A sun shower can be filled with salt water and you can have a hot shower in the middle of no where.

I can pack 3 kayaks, 2 people, and myself with gear and supplies into my truck. PLUS a driver to bring my truck back to camp. We drive to a beach 1/2 to our halfway point and stash a couple of gallons of emergency water. Then head to our launch point. Unload and yaks in the water, the ADVENTURE begins.

If things were planed properly it is 4 days in paradise. Kayak camping the Sea of Cortez. We leave the world and its pressures behind. Stand on a beach few others have ever seen. Live your life to its fullest. THRIVE.

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I wanna go!

pming you
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Do you have extra ac plug ins

For a small freezer and battery chargers on an extension cord
Duke Mitchell
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Originally Posted by MITCHELL View Post
For a small freezer and battery chargers on an extension cord
Post Bob wrote is about beach camping - unless you are running a freezer off your car with solar panel supplement, you are not going to be freezing anything...
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