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Delta trail event and 395 hopscotch back

Jackie and I are heading out tonight for the KBF Delta Trail event Saturday. After that weíre off to the Eastern Sierra 395 portion of the trip back. We plan on a few nights at the Twins with family but after Tuesday we have no plans or direction other than south. Iíve got a few spots to hit but I want to explore new water, where would you go? Iím not looking for your secret spots, I just want somewhere beautiful quiet and secluded! Thanks in advance.
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Salton Sea. You two have a great trip.
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I know a few guys from AZ are making the trip for the event.

I'm looking forward to some pics and to see numbers. Delta fishing is typically run and gun so I'm curious on how kayak guys do out there....
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lower Rush Creek, below 395 holds natives, small but great on the dry fly!

I love those creeks. Enjoy.
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