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LJ 8/28 - bait was a bust

Good thing they bit the iron!

Hit LJ on Tuesday morning, bumpy out there but not too bad. Thought I'd be smart and get bait at the pier. Lots of Sardines but no macks (boo!). Knowing Sardines don't keep well in my "tank" I headed off to the grounds with one bait that promptly was lost to a mysterious smallish boil off the NW corner. With no bait I decided to troll a rapala to the outside where I had seen the half-day boats the day before (with YT in their counts). A pretty long peddle but as soon as I arrived I saw it was worth it, terns and boiling fish pretty consistently during the hour I was there. Started throwing the iron. Once I committed to the top-part of the water column things started happening. Boated a 12 lber on a blue and white Salas 6x jr, another 12 lber on scrambled egg 6x jr (after losing the blue/white t a backlash) and a 15 lb on an anchovy megabait (after losing the scrambled egg to me literally just accidentally dropping it over the side).

Never boated more than one YT in one day on the kayak so coming home with three was special, especially as I typically get skunked (which I'm totally cool with). For the record I think it was my day. The half-day boat did well and I saw some others bent on boats and at least one kayak with a fish but I think I had a hot hand. Its been pretty dynamic out there recently so hope this pattern keeps up!

Sorry I don't have more pictures. When I hit the beach I'm in full breakdown mode...

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Congrats on the first multiple YT landed. It been rough out there trying to make bait. When you find it it doesn't always like the sabiki even with squid on the hooks. I've even spent days with plenty of bait but no YT to play with. Some days trolled a Rapala greenback for most of the day and then loose it to a shark. It turns into a great days work out and the scenery can't be beat. Thanks for sharing
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Congrats! Looks like all the action is on the outside... Going to try and head out Friday.
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Congrats on multiple hook ups. Yellows on jigs is my favorite style of YT fishing.

It's always the worst dropping things over the side.
A few outings ago I watched my only pair of pliers I brought that day sink down into the drink to never be seen again. It made it tough to c+r that day.
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