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Saba Slayer
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weather window for Bonez

Yesterday was a perfect weather window to see if those Big Bones are still around...
It was a long day...I was out from 8am till about 3pm. It was flat calm with some offshore winds till about 1pm when it switched around to on-shore...there were lots of marks but no biters on the trolled gear until about 1:30 so I spent the middle of the morning looking at rockfish marks that also didn't want to bite
...I'm trying to get that freezer filled for the annual closure in January and February.

There were two whales feeding in the canyon and they kept popping up throughout the day...nothing like that adrenalin rush when it's perfectly quiet... and then you hear that spout of air close by...gets the old heart pounding...LOL!

For some reason the two Bonito bit just around low tide and a few fish came up to smash some bait on the surface about the same time...That was it for surface action except for a few mackerel splashes...this is the first time I've been out fishing the Bones in about a month and a half without a limit of 5 or more...I hope it's not over!
The water temp was down since these storms have gone through...it was 59 in the morning......I'm sure that's got em in the slow down mode...and the damn sporties from down south hit em so hard for a few weeks.

Get those rockfish while you can...fish tacos here tonight...
Love my Reliable kill bag...

Jim / Saba Slayer

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Nice work Jim!!!

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Nice haul Jim, and thanks for the report. I'm going to try and get out there next week, hopefully they're still around!
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Old 12-06-2018, 08:10 AM   #4
Paddle for Mahi
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Nice weather window indeed!

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You're looking happy Jim!!
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super cool man. I had no idea people were doing that on kayaks
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