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Anyone using liveliner/baitrunner reels

So Im looking at getting another Penn Battle II but I've learned of liveliner/baitrunner reels and wondering if any of you are fishing them. I like the idea but then again I have no idea as Im still learning. Thoughts of using these reels as I don't care to go with baitcaster set ups.
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I use baitrunner time to time. For throwing anchovies it works so well with a spinner however letting the bait run, conventional reel can't be beat.
And it's great as a loaner.
I have quite few spinner set up for the ocean and bay
But I have not used it from the kayak yet.

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I've been using Shimano bait runners for years now, even before I got into kayak fishing. Currently, I use two Shimano baitrunner 8000D for trolling, one for live bait and one for artificial. I tried with my conventionals, but I could never dial the drag to exactly what I wanted, even with the lever drags. You can dial that secondary drag on the bait runners precisely, and they're silky smooth. Plus when the fish is on, you give the handle a half turn, and you're ready to fight the fish without having to worry about clickers, levers, or knobs.

A few drawbacks on the kayak though: 1) If you're planning on the 8000ds, they're fairly big reels. Heavier than most conventionals. 2) Dropping an 8oz weight 200 ft is not the smoothest thing. Line loops all over the place. Using the secondary drag is smoother, but I'd rather not wear those out 3) It doesn't hold much of 60lb braid compared to most conventionals. Recently, about a hundred yards of braid broke off, and that reel was done for the day. Couldn't even reach bottom with the line remaining. 4) It takes high maintenance. I maintenance my conventionals once a year. The bait runners, at least twice a year. Speaking of which, they're a pain in the ass to clean. It usually takes me over two hours, almost three, for one bc of that secondary drag. I asked one local shop, and they won't even service them. They'll send it to Shimano. Another one charges almost double.

Having said that, I'm planning on picking up a 6000d for trolling closer inshore. Maybe a Shimano Thunnus 6000Ci4 if I can talk myself into spending the extra 100$.

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I used an okuma baitrunner for a bit till it seized up. I don't think they have the best water resistance but the shimano is probably better.

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I have several bait runners in all the sizes they made about 25 years ago. They still work good.

As for the bait runner part of it I don't use that much anymore, it tends to twist the line up.
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I've used an okuma spinner with a bait runner feature for halibut fishing small live baits in SD bay. It worked very well for that. Never used ones for trolling macs in LJ tho.
If you don't like conventionals a larger live liner style spinner would work fine. Most reel makers offer spinners with the live liner feature now. Mike
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Thanks guys, I looked at the Thunnus 6000 but don't want to drop that kind of coin into a reel just for that feature at the present time. Sounds like too much work to keep them going. Im lazy and just prefer to rinse with water after use. Prob end up with another Battle II or for the money I like the looks of the Okuma Cedros
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