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Ocean Lovers, Dog Lovers & Hunting/fishing Lovers Apparel!

Good morning all you Sea seekers, coastal cowboys, fishin freaks, & all other saltwater souls who share a positive addiction for the Ocean! I just wanted to post up that www.AQUAHOLIX.org , a local SD based organization founded & family/veteran owned by yours truly, has started to dive into the Apparel side of business & we just wanted to reach out to all of you here on this awesome forum in an effort to spread the word & assist in our growth at this stage in our infancy!

We believe in Ocean Conservation, specifically through stricter rules & regs placed on the commercial fishing industry. We feel that government interests worldwide are focused solely on taxation & monetary gain, through the commercial fishing industry, & that these corrupt interests far outweigh any focus of prioritizing the health & abundance of our local Marine ecosystems. A decrease in commercial fishing pressure, stricter regulations on methods of take, & stricter environmental laws applicable to any businesses operating near the coast or that in anyway effect the coastal environment through excessive pollution or chemical runoff, in general, will create a healthier & more abundant ocean worldwide...

Aside Ocean Conservation through the promotion of recreational fishing/hunting as well as the decrease in commercial pressure, we are simply a growing pod of Ocean lovers who like to represent our positive addiction by rockin' some sweet gear!

Please visit us online at AQUAHOLIX.org & on instagram or facebook at @AQUAHOLIXSD

Thanks to all for your time & to all who read this & especially those who decide to show us some direct love & support, whether it be a follow on instagram or facebook or a Tshirt/tank/longsleeve/sweater/sticker purchase. Thank you so much!

AQUAHOLIX Tours & Apparel
"Addicted 2 the Ocean"

*A percentage of all sales gets donated to help contribute to Ocean based conservation efforts through local & non local NPO (non profit orgs), veteran affiliated NPOs as well as NPOs & charities who work with abused & underprivileged youth.
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