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This is looking too much like a BD thread! I won't even go there anymore. Give it a rest!
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Originally Posted by DESTROYER View Post
Funny part of this Thread is that many of you change when you sit behind the computer. I've met just about every single person on this thread and you are all nice guys with different views.

What caused this thread to go south? Was it the crappy weather or the fact that people kept fish within the DFG guidlines? Sounds pretty retarded to me! Boredom can make you do stupid things.

I don't get to fish that much these days so when I catch a fish, I'm sticking it, filleting it, vacume sealing it, and freezing it.
Freaking aye....rgr that!
Bad decisions make great stories!

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Originally Posted by mmiller36 View Post
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put in another 10 hour day laying tar on a shopping center roof. thought I'd try night fishing again since it paid off the night before. launched at low tide just before sunset. went straight to the honey hole. 2nd drop. 52 lb fish of a lifetime.

The "Maestro" (Josh) says that the series of storms washed all the sand out to the canyon ledge which has triggered the squid to come up & spawn. To verify his theory I cut open a few of the bigger greenbacks. chock full o jolly ranchers. he's right.

this place is about to go off. the showers predicted for this saturday are going to be light and probably won't muddy the water and the surf isn't going to be big.

tick tock..tick tock

maybe its ure squid
thats in the greenies

Originally Posted by mmiller36 View Post
got her on the incoming tide last night about 8:00 p.m. I was solo so no on the water shot... had to settle for driveway shot. bait was thick and took all of my frozen squid within 1 hour. had to use greenbacks.

Attachment 1945

the morning bite has been weak but things are heating up.
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Why not tell the world!

Way to go - I see you are on the front page of Bloody Decks....

Here comes the fleet!

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remember way back when the 40 pound club was something special..........

40 on the bass rod April 2002, Todd did not let me hold on to being the sole member for very long


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is that a mullet?
(not the fish)
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nice fish Andy
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nice fish..beeendddoooo
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