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yak rack for sale

Fits 2001 HONDA CR-V with a change in the Q84 clips, will fit different model car. This is info straight from the yakima.com website. I priced these at www.rack-it.com. The system was used for two years without any problem. Sold the yak, now I need to find a new home for the rack.

Asking $150. I have a couple pictures of the racks installed on my car if you're interested.

Q Towers
Part # 8000124
$135.00 USD
$135.00 USD

48" CrossBars
Part # 8000408
$54.00 USD

Q84 Clips
Part # 8000684
$58.00 USD

Mako Saddles (1 Pair)
Part # 8004019
$60.00 USD

HullyRollers (1 Pair)
Part # 8004028
$70.00 USD

Heavy Duty Straps
Part # 8005006
$25.00 USD

SKS Lock Cores-4 Pack
Part # 8007204
$43.00 USD

GrandTotal $445.00 (www.yakima.com)
$399 at www.rack-it.com

Maximum allowable weight load is 125 lbs.

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