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Newport Harbor 2/28

Sorry for the late report.

Got a text from my friend who just started fishing, asking me if I wanted to go to Guasti Lake. I told him to borrow my old Frenzy and let's hit the harbor. Our goal: Get him his first fish.

We got to the Coast Guard station at 6:30, on the water at 6:45. The night before I helped him pick out some white Z-Man swimbaits since I was out of that color. Turned out to be a good choice.

We paddled over to the white buoys looking for some bass. Took about 20 minutes before I got my first short bite. I called him over and told him to cast where I just got bit. Sure enough, fish on! 12" or so spottie. Right on, mission accomplished. He caught his first fish.

After we headed to the break wall and I was getting lots of short bites, just couldn't get anything to stick. I realized my buddy drifted out a ways, but he was on another fish. It was a little calico and I was stoked. After release, he threw his bait into the same area. 4 casts landed him 4 fish. He was killing it!

Up 5-0, I "borrowed" one of his white Z-Mans and got a 2 little calicos back-to-back. We headed back to the station to use the restroom. Afterwards, we paddled the opposite way between the boats and he caught a few more.

Totals for my buddy: 4 calicos, 2 spotties, 2 sandies, 1 barracuda, 1 halibut.

For me: 2 calicos. All fish released, obviously.

So I made him buy me lunch afterwards. Here's a short video I put together. Wish I would've recorded more action but we were having too much fun. Hope you enjoy.

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Good job, nice that your friend was able to catch.
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