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South Platte near Fairplay/Garo CO?

Hi all,

I've been looking at a place near Fairplay/Garo and was wondering how that section of the South Platte is from a fishing standpoint? My guess is if it's anything like other sections it's probably pretty good but being from Maine I don't really have much information. I'm not looking for spots to fish or anything I'm more so just wondering basic info about the river in that area since I'm considering purchasing.

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I've spent the last 8 weeks out here and all those rivers fish great when the conditions are right and your technique is good.. In Garo you're just upstream of Spinney reservoir (great kayak fishing spot) and you're around lots of Gold Medal waters. We too are looking at spots in CO and as nice as it is to literally have water in your back yard, we'd probably spend most of our time at least initially driving to all the different rivers.
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I was born and raised in northern Colorado, and I cant give you too much information on the south Platte river, other than Cheeseman Canyon is blast to fish.
I will say that the north Platte running out of north park near Walden and then all the way into Wyoming through the Miracle Mile and Grey reef sections might be the single greatest trout river in the continental US. Estimates last year at grey reef were at about 5000 trout per mile of river
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