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50 Minute SD Bay Fight

FishingMike and I got out on SD Bay this morning. We got on the water just before 6. It was overcast this morning with a slight breeze. Water was fairly warm. Lots of guys heading out on their boats. FishingMike went out to the hot spot the last time we were out near the Shelter Island Pier. I went on the troll around the lower range marker. Caught a Spottie on a root beer grub. It measured 13.5 inches. Slow Morning. Caught a sandie south of the pier and a cuda on the troll using a crocodile.

At about 8:45 I cast my ghost shrimp plastic and with in 3 seconds of it hitting the water my line was racing out in a hurry. I set the hook and immediately knew I had something good. The fish ran for a good 25 yard out pulling my kayak. What an exhilarating feeling. I held on and had a chance to reel. Then I couldn't because the fish went straight down. When I looked up the fish had taken me out of the shoals and out towards the channel. Thought I had a Hali, but figured after this last deep dive it was no Hali. Thinking it must be a Bat. Regardless, I had to be patient and smart. Whatever it was I wanted to see it and I was patient. It pulled, dove, and dragged my yak. Of course FishingMike was no help. At one point the fish did not move and I could not reel. Then it was gone again and peeling line. Straight out more towards the channel and then down. I worked this fish and it worked me. I would reel 7 yards and it would take 5. I would reel 7 more and it would take 10. I looked at my watch and I was 20 plus minute into this fight. My line went slack and I reeled as fast as I could. I reeled in so much line that I thought I lost it until is saw it at the top of the water. It was a huge bat and it looked beautiful. Gone. That mofo dove deep again and the fight was on again.

At what point does a fisherman cut line and let it go to catch something else? I wanted that fish and I did not want to leave 30-40 yards of line trailing this fish until it wrapped around something and died, so I fought it. Enjoyed every 50 minutes of the fight. When I finally got up to my yak I saw that somehow I had hooked it in one of its wings. FishingMike finally made it over and was able to help me unhook it. Not the kind of fish I wanted to keep but still an amazing fishing.

On the morning our count was as follows:

FishingMike: 5 sandies, 3 spotties, 1 hali, 1 mack, 1 lizard, and 1 bat

Me: 1 cuda, 1, spottie, 1 sandie, and one bat.

Thanks for taking the time to read my report. May you all enjoy the fish fight of your life.
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The fight sounded fun
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I caught one last year in Dana like that- through the wing. He fought for a long time and wasn't too happy when I finally got him up. They are always a fun fight! Right when you get some ground they turn and dive all your hard work away in seconds.
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woohoo mud marlin! cool story thanks for sharing!

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"Of course FishingMike was no help."

"FishingMike finally made it over"

HAHAHAHA!!! Yep, that's the way I remember him too...
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JPP, I could have cut line and caught some small sandies but it was worth it. Glad to give that fish an unhindered life.
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The fight is most of the fun, a ray on light tackle is a good test of skill.
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