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July 8th on SD Bay with Bubbacee7

Well it was a good day to be out on SD Bay. Usually FishingMike and I are out on the water together but unfortunately he had to work today. I promised my bro the first fish I caught would be for him (turned out to be a footlong fattie).

Was out on the water at 6:00 am and was surprised that it did not appear that there were any other yakers on the water. Partly cloudy with the sun just starting to peak through. I looked to the left and to the right and I had the entire beach to myself. No one else there trying to begin their hunt. Launched from Point Loma and started out with a slow troll with my crocodile and my root beer colored grub. Realized it was going to be an unusual morning when I did not get a bite. Went out towards the lower ranger marker. Wind was blowing North to South and the tide was coming in which made it difficult to keep my yak in a good. Still nothing on the troll.

Found lots of good spots to cast my 4 inch ghost shrimp plastic (#2 lure), my root beer colored grub(#1 lure), my 3 inch squid (#3 lure), and a couple others. The trick today was to cast my lure, let it drop to the bottom and drift as I drifted. The Spotties and Sandies hit hard. Drifted over one hole just off of Shelter Island south of the pier. Four spotties hit in roughly five short minutes. It was a good day. Felt like I was at Subway because all the foot longs were biting. No keepers unfortunately. The footlongs were fatties too and provided some good fights. Off the water at 1230.

Final count: 17 spotties, 6 sandies, 3 macks, and one hali.

Thanks for reading and hope my report helps you all have a successful day on SD Bay.

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Great day! Thanks for the report
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Just curious on how you keep count on all your catches. I was out on sd bay Yesterday and got about 30 bass player but honestly lost count after number 8. I was thinking of getting a clicker but can't keep track of species
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Keeping Count


Sorry for the late reply. I keep a running count with some texts to my brother. Usually we fish together but when one of us is not on the water we fish for each other.
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