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CA $crews it up again

What a surprise!

California Legislature Fails to Reform State’s Failing Fishing License Program, Again

For two consecutive legislative sessions, the California State Legislature has failed to pass meaningful fishing license reforms that would address California’s declining fishing participation rate, and declining fishing license sales and revenue. After the State Legislature amended Senate Bill 518 (Berryhill) to increase the cost of the bill’s proposed 12-month fishing license, the California Sportfishing League withdrew support for the bill and Senator Tom Berrybill chose not to advance the bill.

The CSL has sponsored several 12-month license bills, including Senate Bill 518 (formerly SB 187), but opposed charging more for a 12-month license. As if intended to be a poison pill, the legislature amended the bill to charge a premium for the 12-month license that was 30% more than the cost of the current calendar-based fishing license.

California’s annual calendar-based fishing license expires on December 31st of every year, providing few incentives for anglers to pay full-price for a license in the Spring and Summer months when recreational activity increases. The sales of California’s annual sport fishing licenses have declined over 55% since 1980, and 16% during the past eight years of the Brown Administration. The base price of California’s calendar-based license is the second most expensive license in the country. Once required permits are purchased, California has the distinction of being the most expensive state to fish in the country.

Earlier this year CSL released independent analysis conducted by Southwick & Associates that revealed that California’s costly fishing license is likely a major contributor to the state’s declining fishing participation rate and is economically unsustainable for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Senate Bill 518 was supported by a strong coalition group of industries and organizations representing sportfishing, boaters, marina operators, small business, retailers, tourism and hospitality.

The California Sportfishing League is not giving up! Next year, California will have a new Governor. Perhaps, under different leadership, the prospect of reform is more likely.
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I received the email this morning and you beat me to posting it.

So if you don't mind;

The California Sportfishing League is not giving up!

They did give up is what I read.

Next year, California will have a new Governor. Perhaps, under different leadership, the prospect of reform is more likely.

Kindly explain what was Mr. Brown's roll in failure of the bill to pass. Thanks.
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Almost zero chance that a bill gets to the governors desk without significant, guaranteed increase in revenue to the state. Less than zero chance that he will sign it without significant guaranteed increase in revenue for the state if it happens to get to his desk. But good questions Hashem.
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Yeah who cares about normal people, but with the 3 billion they are adding to the CA tab with the "bail reform" bill they passed, this state sucks donkey and is already a criminal safe haven, I feel they don't want much that is common sense. I'm embarrassed and ashamed to live here under this states rules and regs.
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On the other hand, I am glad to live here.
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I received the email about the results from CSL, so I knew before this post. I will tell you the same thing I put to them in my reason to be unsubscribed. The post made it sound as if the whole reason for the pulling of the bill was solely due to the Governor or the Democratic party. Regardless of ones political persuasion, it is stupid to think that is the real reason, when instead the problem just as in Washington, it's all about somebody is making lot's of money the way things are. The last thing these people want to do is share any of that money. There is no reason to have added to the bill that there should be an increase in cost for the option to buy it as a 12 month license instead of always ending on December 31st. The cost of the license is not the issue of declining purchases. It has more to do with all the other increased cost of everything we have to buy and wages not keeping up. When studies have shown the the average american has the same buying power they had in 1974. Wages suck, but the car that was $3000 in 1974 is now $27,000, so from $5 to $48 for a license is hardly the reason. Blame all politicians for always trying to get more from the hard working American (politicians are not in that category)
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All I know is I was just in Idaho visiting my parents....my dad paid only $38 for a combo hunting/fishing license.

Those of us who care enough to buy our license every year at the beginning of the year it won't make a difference for us so long as we retain the option to buy the calendar year license. So let them charge more, why oppose it?

Although, I don't see how a 12 month option would be the answer to raising participation. Seems like the folks it would matter for would be more inclined to get the shorter term licenses anyway.
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There must be good reason why vehicle license plate tags are not from Jan-Dec.

Drivers license, Contractors license, passports, Sentri card……...etc.. etc.

The list is very long.

I know personally Utah and BC, Canada have 12 month fishing licenses.

For those who are hooked and honest, the cost of license makes little difference.

A great Xmas gift is the yearly fishing license given by the family members to the angler for now.

My feeling is that we will have it eventually.
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Personally I don't feel they have any incentive to change things to improve fishing/hunting license sales. I think the point is they are trying to do away with outdoors activities in the long run. A lack of sales is a perfect reason to suspend any and all of those "activities" since there would no longer be enough funding for the DFW. That seems to be the goal to me. They would like nothing better than for us all to stop all our outdoor activities and just stay home and pay our taxes. Now be good little sheep and stop making waves just go to work and pay your taxes. Note at the beginning I said "personally" this is just the way I see things my views/opinions. But I think if we hope to keep enjoying the outdoors at all then it would behoove us to go ahead and buy our licences at the beginning of the year or pay for the year even if its June when we buy the license. I think this might be one of those penny wise dollar foolish things. Just my opinion and yes I buy my license every year even though lately I only get out a few times a year. Sorry rant over.
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