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Cabrillo 7/4

Launched a bit late at 6:30 on the oceanside.

Bass were chewing before I made it around the point. First bass was on a silver Krocodile nice toady bass about 16". Since it seemed like I was in a fishy neighborhood the next cast was a 2.5" hooked up bait clone and was a 22" monster calico. I thought it was a barracuda because the bait barely hit the water before being hit and the fish pulled so much line. Strange coloration as it was moss green all over, no spots. Two cast later on the same bait got another big calico about 18". Then nothing for an hour.

Mostly mackerel for the next couple hours then about 11:30 several spots in the kelp bed started boiling. Fish were jumping clean out of the water. I have seen bass boil before but never this aggressively. Two smaller fish later and I need to retie so I tried the Krocodile again and got one more. By then the wind picked up and I was getting blown into the kelp before I could get my bait down. I had plans for the evening so I fished my way back towards the beach but no more bass.

I started drifting the last bit trying to pick up a halibut but to my surprise I caught two tiny WSB. I had lost my smaller tube bait so was using a blue/white 3.5' tube. The first fish couldn't have been more than 8'. It must have been quite ambitious. The second was a bit larger at 12" or so. I picked up both within 2-5 minutes, then nothing for the rest of the drift.

Nice and easy landing thru the surf (no broken poles this time out )

A nice day fishing. The quality of the morning bite and excitement of the bass boil really made for a nice trip.
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Nice report! I need to get out there...
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