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Originally Posted by WARRIORMIKE View Post
I tried that once. Busted the rods on my fins.
When I do it that way I bungie them up tight against the hull.

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Originally Posted by Dannowar View Post
or just have the pedal pushed forward

jump out, grab the bow and walk your rig in. vs. drive the bow into the sand. (don't forget to release the rudder!)
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On the way out and on the way in through the surf I have the bungee connected to the right pedal with enough tension to hold the pedal back and the fins against the hull. Going out I walk out to knee level water and once I time the surf I hop on and use the pedals using very short strokes from full apart until I am sure the fins clear the bottom, then start full pedal through the surf zone. On the way back in before getting to the surf break zone. I hook up the bungee and time the surf, pedal like hell and have the paddle in my right hand unleashed and ready to use while using the rudder. Once the surf is breaking and gaining on me then I move the pedals apart in about 3-4 feet of water and just finish bracing and paddling in using just the paddle. If surf is 2' or less I don't even need to use the paddle and can just coast in. The only time I had a problem, I bent the front rod from not having the pedals apart because I had kept my legs on the pedals too long. When I got home I just straightened it out. I can't see coming in and not using the drive also to come in as fast as possible to try and stay in front of the next coming set.
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Launch and land with mirage drive every time. Just jump out in 2 feet of water and pull drive. No way I’d want to sit in the surf zone on a big ass hobie with just a paddle. Still have yet to roll or dump anything in the surf.
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