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Drive 40 miles to Lake Perris only to realize no paddle. Plan B go home then drive 15 miles to Puddingstone Lake, paid fee and got skunked.

Fishing NPH and got into a conversation with a fellow on a new Slayer Propel and was asking a bunch of questions when I swing paddle and knocks off rod and reel...bye bye.

First time to fish Long Beach 40 miles away again and pumped to go 6am arrival and start to unload only to see I didn't pack the seat. Go home or McGyver a seat. Luckily I had my bait tank and carpet so made a funky seat and headed out lol I got some weird stares from boaters but heck made it to island caught something at least. my bad back was killing going back as it was a long peddle to and back.

Most frustrating was when I took my son out we fished CDM and we both hooked up to very good sized Halibut! Both got them to color but realized forgot gaff and net. No way to pull them into yak as they spooked and shook off hook. That was the 1st and last time I hooked up on keeper hali. 2 years later still no luck!
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