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Trailer for Sale (Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT)

The trailer is a Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT, and it has the following features; MPG466 Aluminum Spoke Wheels, MPG494 Retractable Tongue Kit, MPG492 Aluminum Diamond Tread Fenders, Standard 8' long tongue can transport boats up to 20' in length, 65" coated steel rectangular load bars fit nearly all car rack accessories, 11 gauge galvanized steel construction, DOT lighting system and wiring harness, and a MPG465 Galvanized Spare Tire with Locking Attachment and tire cover.

You can view the manufacturer’s website using this link.

The manufacturer’s specifications for this trailer are;
Load Capacity: 355 lb / 20' canoe or kayak
Dimensions: 159" (length) x 65" (width)
Weight: 195 lb
Frame: Marine grade galvanized steel
Hitch: 2" Class II receiver

The manufacturer sells this trailer as a kit that requires assembly, but this one is fully assembled and it is licensed in California. This trailer kit retails for $1,599.00. The aluminum fenders cost an extra $49.00. The spare tire and locking attachment cost an extra $159.00. The retractable tongue kit is an extra $159.00. It also comes with a custom kayak rack made out of PVC pipe and straps to securely tie down a kayak. With all these extras, the trailer would retail for $1,966.00, but I'll sell mine for $1,200.00.

This trailer is clean, well maintained and barely used. I bought it with a PA14 from another member, but I don't need or use a trailer. This trailer can also be stored in a vertical position (the photos show, rubber plugs on the back of the trailer to store it upon). The retractable tongue, allows the user to adjust the length of the tongue to accommodate various sized items to be placed on the trailer. In the photos below, the retractable tongue is separated from the trailer to store it in a more compact area. This trailer is also light, so that one person can easily move it, and the lighter weight makes for easier towing. This trailer is ideal for towing kayaks.

I have attached 6 photos of the trailer. If you are interested and want more photos please ask, and I can send them via email or to your phone. You are welcome to come and see the trailer in person. I live in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla, and I am usually available most evenings and weekends.


Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.1.JPG

Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.2.JPG

Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.3.JPG

Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.4.JPG

Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.5.JPG

Malone MicroSport XT MPG460XT.6.JPG

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