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Awhile ago I bought a couple packs for fishing in the harbor. Hooks bent/broke too easy in my opinion for how expensive they are. And if the fish are biting the hook up bait you can get them to bite a number of other things just as well for half the cost. Nothing magical about it. I won't be buying them again. Fishing is suddenly the cool thing to do it seems. With what seems like an influx of new folks the timing is right and those folks see people getting bit on the baits plastered all over social media and probably have some misconception that the need those baits to get bit. Can't knock the guy for capitalizing on the current situation.

I understand he has been "punished" and fined and all of that has been paid. I am also for second chances and believe people can change and should be given the opportunity to do so.

However, the he poached 3 deer in the park. Involved his kid in the whole thing as well as a couple other guys. Glassed up the rangers to avoid them. Took a warden 6 days to track them down. They covered up the evidence. The whole thing was just so intentional and so far from a mistake.

I personally have no desire to support someone like that changed or not, debt paid or not. I also wouldn't ever dare judge anyone that doesn't mind supporting him and his business and legitimate activities and current support of the industry. His fine was something like $50,000 dollars, not a lot of people have that kind of money just laying around. In some strange way my mind goes to the place of, every dollar earned from the bait company goes toward recouping the cost of that fine. I fully realize that is irrational and probably isn't the case. But I can't help but feel a debt isn't paid if you don't bare the whole burden.
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I still maintain that the only way to reduce poaching is by public awareness.
Educating the newbies is another important avenue.
There should be Public Service Announcement paid by the poachers.

A father that poaches is one thing.
However; if he teaches his kids that it is ok to ignore the law. That is unforgivable.
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Old 05-23-2018, 12:06 PM   #43
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I have used them and have had nothing but success, one (if not THE) best baits I have ever used. He was convicted and served his punishment.
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Anyone catch Angler Chronicles this past weekend? Sergio was up in BC and had our boy from Hook Up Baits with him. Sergio typically talks a lot about conservation but was pretty quiet on that front this episode. I wonder if that was intentional....

Originally Posted by ful-rac View Post
Andy Cates is a Legend...
...any relation to (the also legendary) Phoebe Cates?

Originally Posted by jdvarnold View Post
I have used them and have had nothing but success, one (if not THE) best baits I have ever used. He was convicted and served his punishment.
They work, that's for sure. But so does a lot of other stuff out there.....
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great articel,thanks
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