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Mexico Fishing Experts?

OK, I admit it, I am a great surfer, but I suck at fishing, but love to do it. I live in Punta Mita, Mexico (on the northern tip of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta) and just started kayak fishing. Can anyone suggest the best lures to use in my area? I will be fishing inshore and there are sierra, jacks, pargo, dorado, small roosterfish and so on. I have fished offshore for years, but new to inshore kayak fishing.
Appreciate any advice / suggestions that you can send my way.
Oh yes, what is the best line test / rod-reel setup? I am currently using Avet 2-speeds in 20, 30, 40 and 60# P-line on spectra and CalStar rods for inshore panga fishing. I also have some spinning outfits with 12lb.
Thanks in Advance.
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Well looks like you got the setup right.

I had a lot of luck using Iron lures. Particularly Salas brand in 6X Jr. size in scrambled egg colors.

We caught yellowtail, bonito, needle fish and calico with that lure.

Blue and white, mint green and white, and color known as bird sh@t are also good colors for iron lures.
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Try fishing Krocodile spoons in the 3/4 oz to 1 1/2 oz sizes. All the fish you mentioned will hit them. Trolling Rapalas in the CD 14 - CD 18 sizes will work as well. There's tons of lures to choose from but those 2 will get the job done. I wouldn't fish anything lighter than 20 lb and go up to 40 lb test.
IG @tattuna
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Charles is spot on with his suggestions of Kroc's and Raps. Only thing i'd add is Megabait style jigs. (P-line and Lunas) They are killer for lots of species. A word of caution on the latest megabaits. The trebles are crap and if you feel like you might run into fish of 20 lbs or more, upgrade the treble. I recently landed a 37 lb yellow on the stock treble but the fish was hooked with two hooks in the bottom jaw and one in the top of the mouth and he could not get leverage on any one hook but I also had the stock hook straightened on 3 other fish.

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Awesome tips and I really appreciate your help! I will load up on Salas jigs, rapalas and crocs on my next trip to San Diego. There is only one store in Puerto Vallarta that has a wide selection of lures and they are like three times more expensive down here than in San Diego. I will share if I catch anything notable.
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inshore, mexico, punta mita

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