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Originally Posted by Mikey Likes It View Post
Here’s my late report for Baja or Bust April 2014:

Thursday 4/10/14: I met up with the BWE crew around 6am on 4/10/14 in El Cajon. I had only met one person before but knew right away I was with good people. We drove 2 hours to Calexico and stopped for gas before crossing the border. We drove another 2 hours south of the border and stopped in San Felipe for gas and shrimp. Continued driving another 2 hours south of San Felipe till we hit the dirt road turnoff of La Encatadas. We arrived a little after 2pm and the wind wasn’t bad, so I quickly rushed to get my kayak in the water. Jim, Tony, Wally and Chris also made the one mile paddle south to Punta Bufeo. I caught nothing the first evening and was frustrated, but others made it back to camp with trigger fish for ceviche.

Friday 4/11/14: Woke up at 5:30am and launched a little after 6am to fish the point once again. Wind was calm and I caught a nice scuplin first thing in the morning. No bites after that and I didn’t pack any food or water so I was the first one back to camp around 11am. Ate a sandwich, gathered myself, and relaunched from camp around 1pm. Paddled back to the point determined and caught three really nice sized trigger fish. All were a fun fight and I even caught one while trolling a rapala. I started making my way back to camp but got caught in the wind. It was blowing hard directly off shore from camp. Luckily Sven (you the man!) met me on the beach with his quad and trailer to tow me back to camp.

Saturday 4/12/14: Woke up again at 530 but the wind was blowing hard so we waited till it died down and launched around 9am. Made the paddle to the point, but boy was that a mistake. I ended up catching one trigger fish and then docked my kayak on a beach in a cove to do some exploring. I hiked around some rocks, up some cliffs and got some amazing views. But the wind picked up quick and when I started to paddle back towards camp things became difficult. The wind and tide were against me. At one point I was paddling as hard as I could and I was only going .5 mph as white caps came over my bow. I never panicked and after a hard paddle made it to the closest shore and began walking my kayak back. To the rescue came Johnny and Tony. They loaded my kayak onto Johnny’s jeep and gave me a ride back to camp. A wind storm came that evening/night. If I would have waited any longer I might of had to camp on the point.

Sunday 4/13/14: Woke up at 530 and the winds were still whipping. Finally at around 8am the winds calmed enough and I launched with everyone to fish the reefs to the north. The tide was slack when we launched and fishing was slow but as soon as it started to move everyone began catching fish. Thanks to Bob lending me his bass set up I caught at least 20 fish in a couple hours. They were not the big fish I was looking for but still a blast to catch and made for a great day (Check out the video). I went back to camp, gathered my stuff, and started the drive back a little after 1. Seven hours later including a 1 hour border stop in Calexico I was back in Ocean Beach.

I can’t wait to go back. It was easy to get down there, the people were awesome, and it’s prime fishing grounds. Thanks to everyone on the trip especially the self proclaimed “mother hen” Bob. Here’s a video (make sure to change settings and watch in 1080p HD) from the last day fishing the north reef on the bass set up.

Sent you a PM did you get it?
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Hey i couldnt tell but were you guys or is Bobs place on gonzaga bay or is it around the point at Punta Buffeo. Just curious. And for those who havent gotten trigger fish those things fight super hard.
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Baitless on Baja
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OUR place is 1.25 miles NORTH of Punta Bufeo.

Home 760-630-4470
Cell 760-520-2514

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bad ass! looks like great times
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