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Catalina trip 04/22/2021. w/pic.

Catalina trip 04/22/2021

After dismal catch and too windy outing on my birthday trip, it was time for a redo. Or as I understand in golf term a Mulligan. I was staying for three days at the Seacrest Inn like last time. I really did not want to be there on a weekend, but the room I like was taken on earlier days. So I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Took the 7:30 PM boat on Saturday for Long Beach. Not too many anglers even though a lot of visitors arrived on Saturday.

I was on the 6:30 AM boat and was fishing by 9:00 AM. My goal was to catch some bonito for my Turkish friends and a sheephead or two and even an Opaleye.

I setup one bait rod with conventional reel and my go-to bonito rig. Which consisted of my 10 St. Croix four pieces’ travel surf rod. The rig would be a “Launcher Float” (more on that later in the report) with a homemade tube fly in green and white colors.
After a while and no reaction to my Launcher Float rig, I switched to a “Megabait” pictured later in the report. The Megabait hooked a small mackerel which was given away.

As promised and with curiosity, I had brought (9) five ft. lengths of 1/2” PVC pipe to attach the camera head to it.

1-I added some pieces to a setup I had before (more improvement next time) to stabilize the camera and also allow me to point the camera where I wanted easily.

2-It was five sections of (5) ft. pipe to be able to position the camera at a good viewing level.

Here is a link to the last recording:

Between casting for bonito, I was bait fishing using lug worms and later white market shrimp. I also used small red market shrimp. It was ignored by fish.

3-First order of the day was to clean the well-used cutting board. A carpenter’s wood scraper and a steel wire brush with water did the job.



Next day a bonito was cut for bait by others. Thus, not as clean as I left it.

4-This white fish hit a lure I was using for bonito. It did surprise me.

5-Although we had an occasional gust of wind, it was calm most of the time compering to the last trip.

6-Too bad this beautiful tile work is damaged by who knows what.

At sunset, I retired to my hotel room and after a visit to the new Vons and some supper, I hit the sack hard for much needed rest.

6:00 AM and I was up and by 7:00 AM I was at the Mole again. The rough wood planks at the Green pier makes it hard for my loaded cart to roll on. No chance, or very little chance of bonito inside the bay, so Mole is the place for me to fish.

Side note: Next trip will be a kayak trip. Hotel has a place that I can store the inflatable kayak and lock it too.

Once on the Mole, the same routine as the day before. Again no bonito, but a lot of short Calico bass along with some black smith, halfmoon and senorita. No sheephead either.

7-With a stupid move, I hit the ground with the “cast-a-bubble” and it cracked.

That is why I like the “launcher floats” now.

However, my launcher float lost its nose cone which made it useless as a launcher. Disappointing.
I am corresponding with seller to see what can be done to reinforce the cone when it is new.

Once more at sunset, I packed and headed for the room.

Next morning on Saturday expecting a lot of anglers, I got up at 5:00 AM. Shower/shave and a quick breakfast, then full packing of the cart for check-out and I was on the Mole by 7:30 AM before the first boat arrived.
Dohh……Some local angler was taking the north corner bench. Dohhhhh
Not wanting to crowd him and social distancing, I decided to take another bench. Later he told me he had caught a bonito earlier.
Suddenly I saw him pack up his gear!!!!! He told me he always leaves when the first boat arrives!!!!!

8-The bench was not used all day by these anglers either. They eventually moved to a different place.

As before I setup bait and bonito rigs.

9-On the third and last day, on the first cast, I hooked this barracuda. Before I saw it, I thought for sure it was a bonito.

Well that was my first barracuda from the Mole, and especially on the first cast of the Megabait.

Throughout the day, I experimented with different hooks (size and color) and different baits.
Peas and squid seemed to be the favorite. The peas came off too easily, and if the hook showed, the fish came to it and turned around.
The squid was tougher.

However, none of the fish on camera, took the entire bait. Perhaps due to their small mouth.

I even tried a single tentacle on a similar color hook. I had two blacksmiths get caught, but halfmoon constantly turned around.

Could it be my bait was too old and not smelling very good to fish? Next time I use anchovies and lug worm on camera.
More research to come.

I had a good time regardless of the low catch and little action. The barracuda was a memorable catch.


P.S. I recorded a lot of footage. In time I will look through them and if any good ones, I will post the link to YouTube channel.
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