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Lake perris 6/18/17

On the water fishing around 730am, made a left put of the boat launch and started throwing zoom super fluke and a watermelon ika in a nice drift by a bunch of submerged brush with no luck. I headed to the nack side of the island around 10. Everyone was fishing all the new submerged bush thanks to the new water level but didnt see much action. When i got to the backside of the island saw a couple guys on a fancy bass boat and noticed they got tired of fishin the brush and mobed to deeper water and nail 2 solids bass on their first casts. So i pushed to the center of tje channel with a watermelon red flake senko and amd got a nice bass after a couple cast not much else after that.. went back to the brush around noon amd started throwing a topwater frog for the first time ever. So standing up casting and casting halfway thru my retrieve i drift too close to the brush amd had to sit and peddle out, as soon as i sit down BOOM a nice bass blows up my frog out of the water and with my reel in one hand cuz i was try to get out of the brush not expecting a hit, I accidentally hit the free spool as i go to set the hook and a massive nirds nest lol... took me 10 mins to get the tangle out amd missed my first top water fish... ill be back next Sunday for redemption

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Solid Bass!
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