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Redondo Beach, CA Sep 3rd

Launched from a small dock at around 8AM to an overcast day. Liveaction13 and I proceeded due NW into deep water. Roughly a mile and a half out we were able to push into almost 200' depth. dropped down a 2oz sardine iron and got some mackerel while LA13 bounced a chartreuse butterfly jig. Tossed a blue sardine butterfly for 30 min. then we pushed south. LA13 landed a NICE barred sand bass. and a couple more shortly after. I was bouncing blue sardine on bottom landing an olive rock fish and small bass. After an hour water went dead. Then, as I am trolling the sardine jig to our next location. My line goes solid but no run to it. I begin reeling in and feel the weight of something decent. As I keep reeling, anticipation is building of what is creating such strenuous force on my rod. LA13 is 200 yards ahead of me and I am unable to yell fish on with the constant boat activity surrounding us. I get about half my line back on the reel and I feel an ease at the end of my line and start pulling as much ling as I can. LA13 arrives on scene as I get a glimpse at the fish on my line... the sardine jig provided me the glory of hooking a thresher. Rough Estimate between us thought it could be 70-80lb thresher, after a tenacious 45 minute battle and maybe 6-7 runs of line peeling. I get him near our yaks and as we roll him, he uses the last of his muster and pride to make a run and dives down into the deep blue along with a great butterfly jig, leaving me with braid flowing in the ocean breeze and a thought of what if.... Videos of the fight provided upon request to liveaction13.

Tight Lines and Bent Rods ladies and gents!

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You owe me a jig bud
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thanks for the report.. cant wait to see the video
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