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Yak newbie asking for accessory list

Just got a PA14! Wondering if anyone knows of a good accessories list for mostly Bay type fishing. Eventually I may try La Jolla but not right away.

This thing isnít cheap and the brand accessories are not cheap either, so Iím trying to be judicious with what little budget I have left.

Any hints would be awesome! Thanks! Fish of choice are bass/halibut/rockfish/perch typically.
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Life jacket
Leash for rods
Hand bilge pump
Dry bag for important stuffs
Warning emegency whistle
Milk crate to store stuffs, rod holder if you need to carry more rods
Landing net (get a rubber coated one, easier on the fish, DSG has ranger 910B/920B which are the cheapest I find these things around here)
Gaff (I found some good cheap ones at longfin upstair)
One of those stainless steel stringer
Pool noodle that can easily customize anything that doesnít float into floatable
Plus some rope and zip ties go a long way if you keep them handy on a kayak

Optional stuffs for later on if you far out
Fish finder + battery
Vhf radio
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Thinking about a few basic priorities that are not expensive ...

Get a spool of thick weed wacker plastic at Home Depot, some paracord, a 1/2" dowel and pot of boiling water. Make lots of coiled leashes with a simple loop at each end to receive an interchangeable clip or a double-sided strip of self-sticking Velcro. Leash or stow everything you don't want to lose.

If you are going out before light, buy 3-pack of mini LED camp lanterns at Costco. Hang one off the hook of your gaff in a pole holder behind you so you don't get run over in the dark.

A good, general purpose, inexpensive, sharp fishing knife hanging on a string around your neck or hat string for easy access.

A plastic safety whistle to attract attention if you need help or to avoid imminent collision.

Game clip tethered to your kayak.

A nail clipper for cutting 30-40 lb. monofilament leader so you don't chip your teeth.

Strong protective sun block that won't oil-burn your eyes.

Lightweight, long sleeved, fast drying, atheletic UV blocking shirt. A cheap one from Costco works well and it's nothing to worry about if you have to cut it up for bandages or a tourniquet.

Broad brimmed fishing hat with a chin strap.

If you wear glasses or sunglasses, get a rubber hose type sports-retainer for around your neck so you don't knock them off and lose them to bottom of the bay.

A wire cutter strong enough and sharp enough to cut hook shanks if you accidentally set a hook deeply into yourself.

Needle-nosed pliers.

A couple of $20's in a small ziploc plastic bag in a secret pocket to buy bait at the bait barge, or to drink a cold beer or margarita when you get back.
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Dont make the mistake I did and get the wrong life vest. I bought the one I see all the time. Wrong. It is more for water skying, etc. Very uncomfortable. The best one I found for Kayaking is by NRS. Go to their web site and you will see it. It runs about $120. Expensive, but it has lots of great features and made for kayaking. Also if you don't want to loose it lash it! I am new at kayaking and flipped my Hobie Compass last week and lost a $300 avet reel.

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And you can DIY some of that list and save a few bucks.

  • Bait tank (5 gal bucket/vittles vault w/ pump and pvc)
  • fish stringer (rope with loop on one end, attached to a metal probe/rod on the other)
  • rod leashes (old coiled car phone charges make great leashes)
  • milk crate/rod holders (milk crate & PVC with screws or zip ties)
  • gaff buy the hook and affix/wrap to a broken hockey stick, golf club, stout broken fishing rod, Calcutta bamboo, etc.)
  • bilge/bath room (1/2 gallon milk jug w/ bottom cut, bail yourself out of a bad situation.)

and a bunch of other stuff you can hack. I use a lot of zip ties, nylon 1/4 inch rope, PVC, and electrical tape (go figure).

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