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Long Beach Launch Questions

Ill preface this with. I know how to beach launch. I know how to renter my kayak and I have all the recommended safety equipment. Just not a paddle buddy.

Has anyone ever launched from Rosie's dog beach or the beach to the north or south of it?

I want to fish Island Chaffee or White but I don't want to paddle all way from inside the harbor. Its .5 miles straight from the beach just south of rosie's. And I want to avoid the boat traffic at the launch ramps on Sunday.

I am in a 12ft BKC PK12 (pedal drive) and I am confident in being able to handle a surf launch. I am just not sure about the beach rules for kayaks anymore.

Also if anyone wants to fish with me on Sunday morning I am more than happy to meet up or change my plans if there is a better opportunity.
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I havenít tried launching from Rosieís but I know a lot of people park in the small lot at 72nd st to launch/fish in the outer harbor.

I did once paddle all the way from the sailing center, it was a slog and didnít catch anything around the island, I actually have better luck inside Alamitos Bay.

If youíve got the stamina for it you could hit the inner break wall or area around the bait barge - sometimes barries/bonito there.

Waves not usually too bad in morning but watch for boat wakes/jet skis.
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I have launched at Ocean and 69th then just head out past the Jetty. I've made it to the oil rig Ester and Chaffee island. I launch there to avoid dragging the kayak down the long beach.
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Lifeguards usually enforce the beach regulations, early in the morning before they come on duty, anything goes. Best to ask one to know if you will get hassled on the return beaching. With all the jetties, Islands, and Breakwaters, I would think it would be like a lake launch for anything other than a Sth Swell.
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i've launched rosie's (beach), clairemont (beach) belmont pier (beach), 72nd (beach) and 69th (both beach and bay side)

Rosie's is one of the spots i would avoid. one of the more crowded locations of the list. Clairemont is better as it is a bit more south (closer paddle to chaffee), less crowded, bathrooms, and has showers to clean your gear off. 72nd is second choice as its just like clairemont, but the sand can be VERY steep.

island chaffee doesn't have as much as you would think. better off hitting some small wrecks around the south end of the breakwall since they're a bit too small for most serious boat anglers to care about.
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