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i finally caught a friggin fish!!!!!!

On my first ever paddle of any harbor in to the mighty pacific. ive been fishing lakes and NPH for a little bit now and have never actually caught a fish. i was tired of getting skunked. my target for today was to catch a fish, any fish at all. i was going to head out yesterday but for some reason the holiday got me all lazy and all.

ive never launched from the coast guard beach so i thought id give it a try. i dont have wheels, so the carry was good one. i was out on the water by 0700. paddled along the jetty and thought id shine my balls and head out to corona del mar. paddle out and thought where the heck am i going to go. so i thought like a calico, and i said go to the kelp beds. i ventured in for nada. so i hit the outside edges and started a drift. i was metering fish but none wanted to play. so i metered some bait and saw some arches below them. threw the plastic and on the drop i felt a good tug and pull. i calmly set the hook and thought oh great my first fish is a makarel cause i was fighting like one. but once it got to color i saw the checkers. first ever fish was a calico. ended up doing about 5 more drifts for 3 more calicos. all fish were safely released. im pretty new to the kayak fishing scene so im pretty green. if there is anyone that would like to give me a few pointers, it would help greatly. and if anyone needs a buddy to head out with let me know. i am usually free. im just happy to pull on some fish, i have officially been kayak fishing de-virginized! time to celebrate.
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