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Back on the yak project

Been fishing on a whaler 13, then a Parker 17 for the past few years (talked to a few of you guys on the water in the past). With gas prices, boat maintenance, and towing headaches recently.. I got back into the yak scene. Obtained a scrambler xt but then found one of my favorite kayaks for an insanely good price. Itís absolutely beat up and almost everything is damaged on it including some big cracks in the hull. I can put project update pics if anybody is interested in some of the wonky ideas that I have stirring in my head. A great project to work on and hope to see you guys out on the water.

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Congratulations on the new used kayak and welcome back to kayak fishing. I am always curious to see how other's repair their kayaks as it gives me ideas for my own -- Look fwd to seeing your progress. Good luck.
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