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Old 08-22-2005, 04:37 PM   #1
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Monday the 22nd Calico city

Surf was up a little today. Very few people out today. I had a hard time making bait small spanish. Pretty slow morning. Small bonita feeding on the small anchovies. Could not get bit on bait. Started throwing the plastic along the kelp edge to see if I could get lucky and maybe get a white seabass. That never happened. Started catching the calicos. caught several of them on the plastic. Tried bait again nothing would eat the spanish. Since I could not get something on bait started trolling the fastrac to see if the right kind would hit the plug. About that time the calicos went nuts and started feeding on the small anchovies. They were jumping on the bait all over the place. You could see them doing back flips while hitting the bait. They were all over that plug I could not keep them off it. I catch one and released it and start trolling and wham there be another one on. I lost track on how many I caught on the plug it was stupid fishing. The bigger calicos would hit the plug over the plastic. Biggest one on the plug was 5lbs. with several at 2 to 3lbs. Every thing was released. I just could not get the right kind to eat today. Maybe next time. Good luck Jim.
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The calicos are great fun when they go off like they did for you. Couple of weeks ago when they were doing the same, i had 3 hit my sabiki at the same time from 12"-16". I thought at first that i had something of the right kind on. It was a blast.
thanks for the report
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Tried getting you early on 71. I had trouble getting bait as well. I casted my sabiki and pulled in some line. Started pulling in this 40# smoke colored line and it starts getting pretty heavy. I definately am handlining a fish, daydreaming of the story I am going to tell of the big ol WSB that I "found" Well 50+ yards of mono in my lap and up comes a batray. Almost lost a finger when he decided to take some line back. Pulled it up and cut the line. Made 1 spanish and put it out and decided to go fishing. Came upon some YT chasing the lil bait, just past the hotel, with their backs coming out of the water. Kept trying to get into position, but never did get off a good cast, a few desperate, fell short casts and they were gone. The rest of the morning was small boneys jumping, calicos pummeling the chovies and some of the smallest Barely cudas that I have ever seen. I did see Kurt hookup on a wahoo, zzzzzzzing, swing, pop. Maybe a shark as the water was 63-66
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Sounds like it remains tough fishing out there. Good time to load up on bug bait (and bones!).
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Reply to Andy

Andy, sorry for not answering you back. Lately I have been leaving my radio in my dry bag. I like to keep things simple just one more thing I do not have to mess with. !Heck! I do not like to take the time to make bait and if I can not make bait right away I get real impatient. Bait did me no good yesterday I could not even get those boiling bass to hit my bait. They were keying in on those small anchovies but they were sure wanted that plug especially the bigger calicos. Maybe they were a little deeper under the bait. Go figure! That would of made a neat story if you pulled up a big 'O' white seabass or a yellowtail on the end of that line. Sometimes strange things happen while fishing. Part of the adventure. Good Luck Jim.
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