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Old 12-25-2017, 10:49 AM   #1
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Aaron&Julie passed away

My name is Kenny Blair, I joined the forum so I could announce to the San Diego area kayak fishing community the sad news of the passing of both Aaron and his girlfriend Julie. It’s Christmas Day and I just got the news a couple days ago. Julie somehow accidentally died Dec 8th. Nobody knows anything much more than that right now. Aaron told no one, not any family or friends, of her dying. About a week later, Aaron took his own life as we all assume he could not go on without her. All the details are still vague as waiting for coroner reports and toxicology on both of them. He died in his own bed. They lived together many years in Spring Valley and loved fishing LJ. Aaron Brenner and I started fishing together A LOT when we met at age 13. We are both 57. We went on so many different fishing adventures together from fishing off the rocks of South Laguna to deckhanding together way off shore in Mexican waters. I was a deckhand for many years and he soon joined the navy at the time getting work on boats slowed down. I have not seen Aaron in many many years but we talked on FB and I loved seeing his impressive catches from his yak. Today, I was going through posts here and FB, admiring pics of some really nice 50 lb WSB, nice halibut and so on. I’m not sure how many members knew Aaron & Julie but I thought I would make this known to the community that really mattered to him.

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Old 12-25-2017, 11:11 AM   #2
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Wow...how sad...

At least they were not apart for long.

God bless both of them.
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Old 12-25-2017, 11:12 AM   #3
Saba Slayer
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Wow...sad news...they've been a part of the kayak fishing community for many years! And Julie had some impressive record catches...!
Their presence will be missed!
Thank you Kenny.
I'm ready for a better happier year in 2018...!
Jim / Saba Slayer

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Old 12-25-2017, 11:59 AM   #4
King of all Emperors
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sad news.

The pain and sorrow that one goes through after losing someone close to you cannot be described in words, It'll bring a grown man to his knees........it happened to me when we lost my daughter about 2 months ago. I can't imagine what was going through Aarons mind but it's obvious that it was more than he could handle.

May they both rest in peace.

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Old 12-25-2017, 12:22 PM   #5
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Sad news!

They were the most amazing couple example for the kayak fishing community.
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Old 12-25-2017, 01:24 PM   #6
Baitless on Baja
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It is difficult to loose family or friends, specially hard during the Holidays, may the fishing Gods open their arms and embrace them. Such a loss for our community. May they rest in peace.

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Old 12-25-2017, 02:41 PM   #7
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Such a great loss to the community they will be missed my thoughts and prayers

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Old 12-26-2017, 08:26 AM   #8
Chuck D
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So sad to hear. I had to the chance to meet the couple once and they were very kind people, terrible loss. Life is short, got to enjoy every day you have. Thoughts are with their families.
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Old 12-26-2017, 09:39 AM   #9
Tandem Assassin
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I am 57 years old and I have had and know of several friends and people taking their life's this year (in their late 50's) for one reason or another.

I know Aaron lost his love and that had to be the driving force that pushed him to make the decision to join his best friend.

The world is just getting so tough to make a living and keep your head above water that folks just get tired fighting the fight.

Stay strong my friends and take time to look at a sunrise or sunset. Take a minute or two everyday to get a breath of fresh air. And please make sure to call a friend when you find yourself down.

The world needs anglers and our stories!

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Old 12-26-2017, 01:42 PM   #10
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So sad. Prayers for their loved ones.
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Old 12-26-2017, 08:31 PM   #11
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Terrible. RIP.
"All I got was a rock"
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Old 12-27-2017, 09:00 AM   #12
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So sad
I too have followed their adventures throughout the years,
even though we never met, they felt like family.

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Old 12-27-2017, 09:02 AM   #13
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A couple who were a big part of the original kayak fishing community. I am always deeply saddened when someone is so lost and alone that they will choose to end this precious life we live.
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Old 12-27-2017, 09:04 AM   #14
Paddle for Mahi
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We live in a tragic kingdom.

They had their own unique style, which was effective.

May they both rest in peace.
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Old 01-12-2018, 04:19 PM   #15
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Somehow I managed never to meet Aaron&Julie but this sad news has me in tears. Theirs was a positive presence on the bigwatersedge and I always liked the idea that there was a couple out on the water sharing a love for our sport. May their lines always be tight.

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Old 01-13-2018, 08:30 PM   #16
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Very saddened to read this. I met Julie and Aaron many times over the years at LJ and Dana. They were genuinely nice people and will be missed by the BWE community.

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Old 01-13-2018, 08:32 PM   #17
the dude
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still remember the pic of her with the two huge hali's. Someone should post that. Sad day.
The dude abides.
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Old 01-14-2018, 03:17 PM   #18
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Dang just saw this very sad . Very nice couple bummer
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Old 01-23-2018, 09:01 AM   #19
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Grieving deeply over this sad news...

I didn't no Julie or Aaron personally, but have read there posts and I have some good and not so good memories from living in spring valley twice.
I feel like this sad news hits close to home.
What's good about BWE is it brings the same kind of people together oceanic people of the sea....may there spirits rest together in heaven John 3:16
Duke Mitchell
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