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Last Trip of the Year - LJ 12/29

I took Friday off in hopes of stocking up on rockfish for the next couple of months. I got a late start and planned to target rockfish, so I didn't bother bringing my bait tank. Big mistake. I wish I read SummerinKwait's post before I went out!

The water was as clear as I have seen it in a very long time; I could see the bottom clearly at 50 feet! Lots of bait breaking. Not too many pots out either.

I started in the NW side in 180-200 and found nothing. Went in toward the condo and started metering all sorts of action in 80-130 feet. I dropped the yoyo multiple times, but no bites.

I dropped hookup baits and plastics on several spots and not a single bite all day. Went in and fished the surface around the MPA for nothing as well. Great to get skunked on the last day of the season!
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Thanks for the report.. Went to NP a couple weeks back, launched out of CG beach with the same tactic in mind; get some rockfish before seasons close.. Paddled out with no FF just looking for the pots to drop some squid down on.. Just about a good 1-2 straight miles off the beach there looking at Corona Del Mar on the usual spots, visibility was an easy 30-50 Feet.. Not much to speak of for a current or rip.. got some smaller macs, whitefish etc, but no reds, lings, or alike to speak of. Before paddling back in the harbor i paddled over to the Beach @ CDM before the buoys and man.. I wish i had my dive gear just to jump in and get some pics! You could see the girabaldi and other fish hanging around the reefs there, i'd say 15 foot deep max with perfect visibility.. Have not seen water that clear in along time either..
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When there's kelp off Crystal Cove/CDM in summer, it's great for diving.
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