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La Jolla 07/15 - bone city

Still looking for my first yellowtail but managed to scratch up some bonito today.

-Launched at 5:15 to 1ft surf and surface temps showed 74 on my fish finder might be off a little

-bait was a little tough to find at first going out but managed to catch 4 small 6 inch Spanish Mackerel after an hour

-found tow bait balls of sardines being pushed up by bonito there was some mackerel mixed in. Birds were also crashing on them. I caught one bonito here and also snagged a sardine for bait.

-trolled a 2oz Carolina rigged sardine for a while in the same general area for about two hours then got another bite which turned out to be another bonito. Then nothing for the next two hours

- I saw one guy catch a fat yellow about 9:45AM in about 65 feet of water just outside the kelp line. And another PB'er mentioned he caught a barely legal sea bass.

Anyhoot good day on the water and I gave the bonito away since I am not a fan of them.


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Thanks for the report!
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Thanks for the report
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i was out there as well
also found one sardine i trolled around for nada
also found a few greenies later
no bonys
fed some seals
went to juanitas

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Cluster F@$k

I was able to find bait but went offshore in search of the other kind with a few buddies, no luck, tons of the right birds bombing but no luck. Had something go airborn after my flyline mak, turned to see the aftermath of what I assume was a mako, either way he missed the target and I kept peddling. Peddled all the way around the south with no luck!

WAY TO CROWDED, must have been 100 kaykers and 50 or so boats. Hard to catch fish when there's so many lines in the water!! I never saw so many Big 5 kayaks fishing LJ in my life. I miss winter fishing!!
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