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Black Marlin

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Off the HOOK. That will get the Fishing Frenzy going. Epic.
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WOW! That is a lifetime adventure and memory. After not finding a Yellow at LJ today, that video sure is more than enough to get pumped up again.
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Too cool!
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That video starts out good, but the end is chopped off, the fish is gone and it turns into sales hype for booking trips to Los Buzos kayak fishing resort in Panama.

For me, this casts doubt on the truthfulness of rest of the video, which is obviously nicely edited.

How does anyone know it was 450 pounds? How does anyone know what the ending actually was before it was "near death and released", other than what the lodge promotor was saying on the beach with no evidence left except edited video that never shows the fish up close?

I don't mean to be cynical, but Fish Stories are known for what they are for good reasons. The ending of this video reveals ulterior motives.

Los Buzos Kayak Fishing Lodge, Panama

$1750 per week, includes empty kayak
Gear extra. Deluxe gear extra-extra
Massage - $60
"Deluxe" Massage - $??? (I heard giggling in the background)
Meals included.
Beers included with meals - $???

Location map in Panama:

I've been an adventure traveler for most of my life. I've been to 130 countries since 1970.
I've explored around Golfito (Southern Costa Rica, Pacific side) and southward to the northern border of Panama, but I've never been to Panama. I've been wanting to go there for a long time. There are many things about Panama the pique my interest.

Mr. Curious :-)
Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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