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Two Eaters and the Magic Mac

Went out of La Jolla launch for rockfish today and struck out on that front as I basically wasn't prepared...my bad.

However, I was able to bring in a couple of Calicos, the bigger of which was a (modest) personal best for me. They both coughed up red crabs and were both caught on 1.5oz Red Crab Hookeup Baits in around 65 feet of water just off the kelp.

I was able to make a couple of macs early and lost one to a hard bite with the knot on the hook coming out. The other got itself off somehow.

Came back to make more bait after striking out on the rockfish thing and wasn't having any luck so that's when I switched to the Red Crab Hookup Baits just off the kelp.

Sometime during the Calico/hookup session a decently large mac managed to get himself hooked on the bare hook of my drop rig that was just hanging off the side. I took this be a sign of good things to come...a magic mac showed up for me!

I took the mac and hooked him much better than he already was and preceeded to work the area north of the kelp/Scripps park area in around 90-100 feet. Was grabbing the rod to bring it in and head back in when the magic mac takes off! It is immedietely obvious that I am on something VERY BIG (for me). This thing won't come off the bottom for nothing and after 5 minutes I am 95% certian this will be my first BSB. 15 minutes later that is confirmed and he slowly comes up. He hangs out belly up for about two minutes after I get the hook out and eventually goes back down wihtout a trace.

My arms are currently shot. I had a blast. Not sure I want to go through that again anytime soon though. Thank you little Magic Mac
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