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Baitless on Baja
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Cabrilla "Run and Gun"

New post on Mako-ville

Cabrilla run and gun.
by Makobob
"Run and Gun" cabrilla
kayak cabrilla from Baja

Cabrilla are one of my favorite fish to eat. Cabrilla have a firm mild flavor, making them great no matter how you fix them. Most are in the rocks before you can say mako-ville. "Run and gun" is a technique to help keep them from reaching their rock. To "run and gun" on a kayak you need a Hobie kayak with a 180 drive.

The 180 drive allows you to pedal up to a rock pile, cast and switch to reverse. When you are bit pedal as hard as you can while setting the hook and reeling hard. This puts extra pressure on the fish, making it moore difficult for him to head to his rock. This is not an easy task to learn. It takes practice, but it will increase your landing rate on these ambush predators.

Small boats and pangas do this all the time. The technique is well-tested and a proven tactic to use on cabrilla or any ambush hunter. Kayak fishermen using this system will reap results. You can use it casting a top water plug of any jig you like. It works surface or sub surface. The sooner you can turn the head on a cabrilla the easier it is to keep him off-balance and away from his home reef.

I really prefer this method when working cliff faces in Baja. There are a lot of cliffs where I like to fish. Most cliffs in the Gonzaga area come almost straight down into the sea. Usually the water is less than 30 feet deep at the bottom. Some times it is only a few feet deep, this is where a top water plug works great. REMEMBER you want to be in REVERSE when he hits.

Cast to the cliff, if need be, bounce your jig off the cliff and let it fall. Usually you will get bit when the jig or plug hits the water. If not let is sink and retrieve. When you get bit the first thing you do when fit is pedal AND reel hard. You have got to turn their heads. Get bit you will, and hard. You will also lose some fish, be patient and keep on trying. The results will be worth your effort.

Hey you fly guys, this works for you too. I like the "game changer" articulated fly for this type of fishing, but clousers and deceivers work as well. You tin boaters and panga guys might try something a little different. Throw a Roberts Ranger and get you heart broke when a roosterfish grabs it. But cabrilla on the rocks will kill it, just give them a chance.

That my amigos is the basic "run and gun"and it will improve your success rate on these hombres. Add it to your Baja arsenal. Think about what it is actually doing. Change it up a little and make it YOURS. I know guys fishing the kelp patties in So Cal for Yellowtail and Dorado who use it quite successfully.

Baja cabrilla
cabrilla from the tin boat

Keep them fresh for great meals. Fried, baked, broiled, on the bbq, there is always a fantastic meal waiting. Hope you enjoyed some new tricks, if so please SUBSCRIBE so you do not miss the next article. Tight Lines amigos.

pictures at mako-ville.com

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King Saba
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A gold standard technique from what my uncle told me. He just came back from a Tony Reyes trip and he was getting rocked on 40 and 60lb. 80lb was barely cutting it when it came to landing these fish.
Baitfish catcher extraordinaire
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Great recommendation Bob.
I know boaters do that on cabria and grouper.
W/o a reverse they pull you, you don't pull them.
Never fished for cabria from the yak, but I've gone after broomtail grouper in mangroves.
On a paddle yak the best thing I've found is to try to make the pull the yak side ways. You get bit pointed straight at the mangroves and it's over.
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