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Gday folks! I've been hearing from people while out fishing for a long time now on how you can't flip a PA 12 or PA 14 back over once you turtle. If you are in the surf, I wouldn't recommend right siding a kayak due to the obvious reasons. However, when you are past the surf, in the bay, lakes, etc... you are not dealing with conditions of the surf and then why is it not possible? I constantly hear that the PA is such a huge kayak and it is impossible to next to impossible to flip it back over once you have capsized. In the video I am posting, I will show how to flip an Outback and a PA 14 back over. I am not a light person by any means. In fact, I am on the heavy side. If someone like me can do it, then many of you can as well.

The same thing I have done on the PA in this video you can apply to just about any kayak out there. If you don't have a place to strap up to on a kayak, you can always add some hardware to help for the situation I will be talking about on the video. I hope you enjoy!

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