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Grouper king of the reef
by Makobob
The grouper is a top predator on the reef. Eating everything from bass to triggerfish. Growing to 300+pounds he eats what he wants. If he can catch it he eats it. No one on the reef is safe unless they are too large to eat.

Catching grouper from a panga was tough. In the 1960's thru the 90's it took persistence, knowledge and lot's of luck. Drop a big jig and he had you rocked the instant it touched the bottom. Send down a bait and if the triggers did not get it first, your world got rocked again.

The panga fishermen got a few on 300# test mono which they fished by hand. Most gringos watched in frustration. Tackle of choice back then was the Penn 9/0-12/0 reel on a stiff rod. 80+ test dacron line and a steel leader sometimes worked.

The panga fishermen had no drag, they just held on tight. WE learned to tighten our drags then lock them down some more using channel lock pliers. Now and then we would get one. The odds of landing one were still low.

Tidal flow played a big part in getting bit. You could fish a reef for the whole tide and only get bit for a short while, usually 30-45 minutes. Then the reef died. Grouper and snapper quit biting. Game over.

Baits were what you could catch, usually the afternoon before. 2-6 lb corvina, and skipjack were favorites, but leather jackets, triggerfish, bass and barracuda all worked. You used what you caught. Whole big baits worked best.

Today smaller reels with thinner lines and heavier drags are used. Braid lines mean more line on a smaller reel using heavier drag settings. The new tackle works great. Less of your effort is spent fighting the weight of your tackle.

There is a GAME CHANGER to help land these fish. It is a proven tactic which even some KAYAKERS can learn. They are only available at mako-ville.com.

small gulf grouper
Tips and tricks for grouper. For best results use them to increase your catch rate. Good luck amigos.

TO get the TIPS and TRICKS you must go to mako-ville.com sorry. Tight Lines

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