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Yanni, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Going back to Gonzaga next week and will play with the corvina. Tight lines.

Originally Posted by kayakfisherman View Post
Thanks Bob, for trusting me with your belly!!

Q1: Mild Mexican spices for delicate fish? Bob, Zafron, and Turmeric are used in Mexican cuisine a lot. Not so much for their flavor, especially since they are not strong, but for their color. Both add a brilliant yellowish orange to your fish and are packed with health benefits. Favorite Recipes for mild fish? Create a dry rub using one part salt, one part pepper, and one part 50-50 zafron/turmeric. Rub your fish, then grill it. Squeeze lemon before eating.

Q2: How much cooking time is required for thin fillets? Not much. Here's the general rule of thumb. Cook the first side until the color you want is achieved,
then flip the fillet over and only cook it for half the time the first side took. Cooking the fillet for equal times on both side is a big mistake. Cooking is trial and error. Don't be afraid to screw up, once or twice. But learn as you go.

Q3: Sierras? Love fighting them on light tackle, love eating them too. Sierras are mild flakey fish. They make a great ceviche, or baked and/or fried with bread crumbs (to lock in the juices).

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