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Mr. NiceGuy
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Originally Posted by Billy V View Post
I had a 6 fish day with 3 being keepers, a personal best.

Any ideas about what made that day special for you?
Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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Billy V
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I think it was just a right time and place situation. I was straight out of the inlet as the tide was changing from high to low.
( I was planning my trips based on tide swings) I like to do several short trips a week. Once I found the fish, I kept repeating that drift.

I did not do anything special that day- except for this....
- the sardines were very small, so I was fishing my normal 3 way rig except I was using a small #6 treble, instead of a single hook.
Just the treble only. I nose hook on a slight angle so I hit a some hard cartilage, the bait will stay on better.

All the fish were hooked in the mouth. Light line, was using 20 lb that day. 6 oz weight.
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This may sound unconventional but I always use the same setup and I've had nothing but success.

Main Line: 65lb spectra

Top shot: 40lb mono most days, 40 fluoro whenever I'm fishing tournaments

Hook setup: that depends on what I have in stock but all of my rigs have a stinger hooks. If VMC hooks are available I will use VMC size 4 if not I will use Owner treble stinger hooks, both are pricey but they are tuff.

Sinker: 8oz regardless of the depth that I'm fishing

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Originally Posted by rossman View Post
Gulp Saltwater Curly Tailed grub. Nuclear Chicken. Boom!
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Originally Posted by stevie951 View Post
The San Q Killer
San Q, San Onofre, San Diego, San Luis Gonzaga and even some unsaintly places.
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