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Personal Fishing Notes, La Jolla, 5-4

There were about 6-8 kayaks this morning around "The Half" at various depths out from the kelp. The New Seaforth came in and parked amongst us with a few minor parking adjustments, but basically at 125'. It was not a hit and run. It looked like the primary stop for today's AM boat.

This is what they reported for 34 anglers at their website:
50 Vermillion Rock Fish
2 Sculpin
31 Rockfish
77 Whitefish

Fishing notes for those of you who like rock fish. I don't eat rockfish/whitefish/sculpin myself, so I don't drop bait or plastics that small. It's fun for those who do.

On my FF, assuming I understand what I'm looking at (let's call that a possible 50/50), there appeared to be multiple distinctive rock piles in that area. For me, dead reckoning is easier with my map and charting with my iPhone apps, backed up by my FF for depth and curious visual mish-mash that is always changing so much that it's hard for me to extrapolate with any certainty what I'm actually looking at and precisely where it is relative to my kayak. That part is a work in progress.

I launched at 5:39 and fished for 4 hours, 36 minutes before going to work. Unfortunately, I can't fire me for being irresponsible and late for work. I've tried, but the next day I'm still here. It's life. I accept

FWIW, about over the "B" of Boomers @ 125'

Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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Most of the bottom, from the Bump to the NW Corner, out to 125' is rock. Any part of it that has much relief has reef and or rockfish on it.
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