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I bought the Bixby rear mount for the pa last year. Also got the watersnake motor to try and modify it into the mount. From what I remember reading that the Bixby lacked power. Hoping the watersnake and this mount is

I gotta stop being lazy and continue with the project.
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Finally tried out the Rear mounted Bixpy + Mirage drive....and it's FAST! Using the bixpy at a low level plus pedaling gives you 4+mph that's sustainable for very long periods. So I found that at level 2-3 + pedaling is easily faster than level 10 the highest speed on the bixpy, when your using it just by itself. Battery life using this setup has probably doubled and maybe even tripled...to tell you the truth I don't really know how long battery life could be extended....cause when I started the day I had 6 led's and when I came back I had 6 led's on saturday. This is just using it to travel to the fishing grounds and making bait and then traveling back....probably around 2 miles each way give or take...

Downside of course is the extra setup and break down time your gonna have...but if your into hauling ass traveling to and from the fishing grounds...this might be your thang!

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