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Hobie outback Kayak stand question

I have a 2017 Hobie outback that I made a stand for with some 2x4ís and padding which I flip the kayak having it sit upside down as approved by Hobie. But I want to redesign my stand so that the outback sits right side up so I can rig up and work on it when I please. Iíve looked into pvc supports.

Any suggestions? Pictures? Would it be safe if the pvc supports the hull really well?

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I don't really have any experience with kayak stands but I imagine it should be something similar to a trailer with 2 parallel 2x4s. . Since that's how they are transported don't see why that wouldn't work.
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Or plenty of other content/examples on hobie's forum page.

I used to have this setup on my PA 14. Helps to have another hand, if possible to set the tubes to the correct placement under the hull. Be sure to set the height at or slightly above the truck bed's height. I drilled a couple holes with a spade bit into the PVC first, this allows you to fasten some lag bolts and washers. You can also use some "L" brackets to help support the PVC and help with placing.
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My student tenants are always leaving yoga mats behind when they move out. They make good padding for projects like this. They are soft for protecting the hull but they don't skid very well. Soft carpet scraps might slide easier.
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