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Paddle Kayak Mods

Going to take my X13 to the shop soon to deck it out with some Rod Holders.. I have my Scotty Powerlocks we mounted the bases onto the Stealth 14, i was thinking of doing the same thing here with the 13 but wonder if any one had other experiences and they could comment? Specifically looking to (if not the direct scotty mount) add some rails so i can slide and adjust the rod holders.. Reasoning for wanting to possibly do the rails is this 13 is MUCH less stable then the stealth, and i think the sliding mount would be a bit more versatile of course then a mounted one... I love trolling, and am one to keep the rods in the holders while trolling/ paddling, and yes keeping in mind i could get yanked over anytime with a bite or snag, but with loose drags we are golden .. So hopefully you get it, and i'm sure Andy will give me the best and most straight forward advice but once again wondering about opinions on Mounted Rod Holders vs. A rail/sliding mounts on a less then stable paddle kayak..

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Tracks or rails will give you some added versatility, personally I like the Scotty flush mounts on the front of the X 13
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