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10-29-17 Late report w/ beginners luck

Beginners luck for my buddy who likes to fish but has never hooped. Had a spare yak that was about to be sold so he borrowed it and bought one net and his card. Launched in LBC around sunset to try a new spot.
Nothing but blanks for two sets and moved to another area of structure with kelp. 3rd set I had some shorts in my 5 net string and he drew a blank in his one. 4th set more shorts and one just 1/8th" over legal for me. More sets and I get one more legal. We start our last pull of the night and he's like, "well hopefully I get at least a SHORT". I'm like, "hey, one pull and maybe you hit the jackpot of 7 legals". He didn't get seven but he pulled up a BEAST that went just under 4lbs. I was all, "WTFFFFF!!!!" I've never landed anything that big let alone seen any bugs that big wilst out with others.
Damn giant walked passed my string of 5 nets into his ONE.

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<---------JEALOUS ! Holy Jeezus! Did that big one just give birth to the little one? Nice job. I sometimes get multiple shorts in one basket that feels like pulling up bricks, and i always get that one big one that hardly feels like im pulling up anything at all. I guess sometimes the little ones dont want to be in the same space as the big behemoth.
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