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DP June 1 the perfect day

I love when everything comes together. Perfect forecast to invite my wife to go fishing. High tide at 12:30, 1 foot surf, light winds and sun shining. FB had sardines at 5-7 inches and they were closer to 5 than 7 had my confidence high. Obligatory breakfast at the Dana Point Denny's and leisure 10:30 launch from the boat ramp.

At the bait barge nobody home, which has been the norm lately. He must get bored and lonely and hangs out over at the Sport docks. I never seem to have to wait more than 10 minutes as he keeps an eye on the barge. Loaded up with really good looking dines. We headed out and south, flat seas and sunny skies really felt good after all the gloomy May grey days. Grunion had been running for a few days so we fished as close as we dared and actually could not fish right where I wanted to be as there were stand up paddles in that spot. I got the first fish pretty quickly and opted to release it, looked at least a couple inches over legal. Right around noon the bite got really good, every bait down was raked or turned into a fish. Lots of short bites but only one fish was under 22 inches. Wanda was in heart breaker mode and hooked up BIG 3 times. One fish right at color looked like a 20 pounder, shook it's head and threw the hook, couple others had a big BENDO going and popped off.

The fourth big hook up and I have one going too, but seeing hers is big and mine not so much I just put mine in the rod holder and grab the gaff and coach her into bringing it to me. Gaffed and on the clip so stoked, her biggest fish a 36 incher. We released a few more and ended up keeping a 26 incher. We left em biting as the tide dropped and landed around 4 pm. Fish tacos that night and doing a soy sauce and honey marinade on the grill tonight for Sunday dinner at the Allen's.

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Great job on landing nice ones. That's nice having extra hands on board to help gaff and land big fish. I've had one ripped to shreds yesterday, and something big with sharp teeth bit thru my flouro yesterday off Pt Loma.
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Way to go...it doesn't get much better than that!
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Dayyummm Andy! Killin it!
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Nice! Been a long time since I have caught a keeper.
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THAT is living the dream.
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Saba Slayer
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Nice Job Team Allen...
Save a few for the Dana Point tournament on July 14th...LOL
Jim / Saba Slayer

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Sounds like a perfect date.. Nice job!
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Paddle for Mahi
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Nice Hali's!

Rumor has it......



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Currently @ MLO Territory
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Lately its been hard to wake up early to fish the sunrise... I like going in the afternoon fishing till sunset... sometimes the wind chop makes it hard...

looks like that Denny Breakfast paid off

Team: OKFD
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Awesome day!

That’s friggn bad ass!!! Beautiful weather, some quality time with the missus and great fishing to top it all off. Nice grindz!!
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Thread Killer - sorry
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AWESOME fish and report!

If my wife ever catches a fish bigger than me, I'll never hear the end of it. Good thing she doesn't fish as often as I do.
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