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What Happens On the Other End of the Line

Okay, after years of lurking, I've decided to register. I've been waiting for something interesting to post.

Last Sunday Sharon and I were shocked to see so many other yak fishermen when we got to the beach around 7. Was there a bite we hadn't heard about? Or was it just pent up demand from the storm and red tide? Maybe it was just the beautiful blue sky and calm winds and sea. The red tide was pretty much gone, too, outside of the reserve. It looked like it was going to be a fruitful day.

For a couple of hours I was vainly trying to locate squid with Sharon and "T" somewhere north of La Valencia. The one thing I can catch is squid but even I could only manage two so I pulled up my squid jig and let it dangle off the bow while I had a little breakfast. I heard a small splash to my right and saw a big ripple. It was too big for bait and too small for a sea lion.

Yellowtail, maybe? Probably not.

Then I saw two similar ripples to my left. Now it's getting too fishy to ignore so I reach back and pull out my iron rod and get it ready. But no more signs so I go back to my Tupperware of chorizo and pasta when I see some motion under me.

This was so much clearer through polarized lenses. Too bad my camera doesn't have them. I wasn't trying to catch the little guy so I wasn't very happy when he made that quick move at the end and snagged his fin. He went around the bow and immediately pulled my line against the squid jig then stopped. I thought he was off so I started putting my camera back into the drybag when my rod bent again. But the spectra was caught in the prongs of the squid jig and before I could react, my lucky blue and white Salas 6x Jr was gone. All I had left was a short piece of frayed line waving off the end of my rod.

This thresher must not have been the smartest in the sea because he was batting and checking out my iron for at least twice as long as the video. A couple of times I could clearly see its big dark eyes staring at the iron and still it thought it was something to eat. I'm bummed about the lost iron, but it's great to have seen what goes on at the other end of my line. Basically, the same dumb s**t that happens on mine.

As for a fishing report: one sculpin, two squid, a handful of greenies and spaniards and one cool video.

Tight lines and see you on the water.

PS - Is there a way to load video directly into a posting? The attachment option only lists text and image file extensions.

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great video.
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great video.
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Nice intro. Thanks for sharing


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That was VERY cool! When you click on share, it shows e mail or the other option is "embed" and as long as html is active on the board it will work, fixed it for you.
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Nice first post! Enjoyable story and video.
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Cool video Steve!!!

Its about time you joined us on here.....when I was a kid I had heard that thresher sharks use their long tail to whack bait and stun them but it just didn't seem possible to generate that much power, accurately, underwater....especially when you have mouth full of teeth.

After spending some time on the yaks in LJ, I've seen the T's knock the macks clean out of the water and also stun them on the sabiki right under the boat...kinda like this video....very cool!!
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Thank you for sharing your AMAZING video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Kid
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That video was sick! Well done.
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Great video. Wish my tail worked that well.
"All I got was a rock"
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Steve about friggin time I see you posting something on here......

And that squid he catches people is purely by touch no sonar necessary..

Rad video man..

Jeremiah I have had the little guys wack the mac outta the water..

there cute when they are babies
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sick vid! well written story!

glad you finally joined up.

next up steve and the double hook up?
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seriously cool video, it's amazing that you were able to see that happening right under you.
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William Novotny
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Awesome! I had a similar interaction with a t this Sunday. I was reeling in a mac I had been dragging and here comes this little guy whackin at my bait. I yanked the mac out of the water on him so he didn't hook up and he came within a couple feet of the yak. Pretty awesome stuff
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well done man, great post all around
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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. And special thanks to Iceman for fixing the video.
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Good report and video. Those pups look aggresive.
"Never say die"
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Thanks for sharing your experience!!!

I love Thresher sharks!!! Especially steaked and grilled
I'm due to go find another!!!
James Caldwell Yellow Prowler
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shark, thresher, video

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