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Originally Posted by Uncle_Tomas View Post
Sometimes line rating does not tell you much. I have about several rods in 15-30lbs category but they could not be more different from each other. I usually go by feel of an action. I typically have and idea of what I am going to be using the rod for. Is it going to be flylining or casting smaller plastics or heavy jigging?

For 5-7 inch plastics I use Californian CBC 12-25lb 1 1/2 - 2 oz weigh rates. (I like stiffer rod for fishing plastics)
I recently also picked up Californian Calico Special CS76XHE rated 25-40lbs. Now this is a broomstick. Works fine for jigging 80+g flat falls and butterfly jigs at the bottom. Itís also pretty good for your 9inch plastics with heavy jig heads. Itís paired with Lexa HD 300 spooked with 40 lb braid.
I also have Daiwa Proteus MH 8í rated 15-30. Like to use this for 100g jigs or flylining sardines etc. Will be also using it for poppers and larger swimbaits for schoolie YT and YFT tho year.

Hope this helps
Thanks for the detailed info. Was helpful.
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