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Tackle rust prevention.

A good way to keep the rust at bay.

Same technology that Flambeau uses in their new boxes but these you can throw in any tacklebox, toolbox, or gun safe you have.

They release a non harmful gas that coats any metal surface in its working radius.

Iíve thrown away way too many hooks that were rusted beyond repair.

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Good tip. Thanks for posting.

I used to put a small piece of chalk in each partition. Small amount of rice can be helpful too.

I never mix my used hook with the new ones. When I can I keep the hook in the original plastic pack.
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Old 04-16-2018, 07:36 AM   #3
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These and the paper tabs have saved me a ton of $$ in rusted gear.

Also, keeping stuff separate that has been used for the day is another major tip I got from this board. Was that stuff thoroughly after use and keep the containers dry. No rust at all since then...
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Hunters Pa
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Save those dessicant packs from when you buy stuff like shoes, wallets, bags, etc. Bigger ones that can be used in tackle boxes or where you store you reels come with furniture and bigger clothing.
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