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Dirty Curti
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Black Seabass Oceanside

Was out fishing on Saturday in Oceanside at Buccaneer Pipe. Met up with Jesse James Taylor and his friend Cody.

Launched from the Harbor at 7ish and made a stop at the pier to load up on some macs which took all of about 10 minutes to fill the tank with a mix size. Proceeded to Buc which was a 3 mile trek that took about 40 minutes. Nice calm water.

Once I met up with the guys we worked the area along the traps. Jesse and Cody were catching a few nice size sandy's but I wasn't feeling the love. I continued to work the area as there was a straight South current that kept me moving out of the zone. Noticed a seal working the area but he was staying away from my bait as everything else was too.

Then all of a sudden the rod loads up with a frantic bounce and scream from the reel. Music to my ears. Jesse and Cody were right next to me when they see the rod go bendo. I said to them, I think it's the seal and they were like, no the seal is over there. The fight was on. After spinning me around a couple of times it then runs me right into Jesse and Cody literally. We get unstock and I think I lose the fish in one of the traps. I can hear the line running along the trap rope. Some how it breaks free and the slay ride is on.

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/czz6xUGe1h4





Now if I can only find a White Seabass all will be good. Until then...

Tight Lines Everyone.

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What a giant fish! Did it swim back down on its own, how was the release?
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That definitely looks like good clean fun with a positive outcome!

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Congrats, that is a huge toad!
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I got my first about a year ago. About 80 pounds and did the same thing with a near tangle with a lobster trap line. Wore us both out, broke my pole then got him up again to release.
Hooked a big one couple of months ago and after a 10 minute fight it stopped.....I really thought it wrapped around a rock. Pulled hard.... nothing, so pulled hard to break the line and turned out my swivel was only 10 feet down in 80 feet of water. Must have been a biggun.
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WOAH looks amazing, you def have bragging rights now.
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What a brute.....

I'm going on number 5 or 6 really not looking forward to seeing another bobber.....i made sure everyone went down, and got every hook out too. Just grab them by the lip until they start to shake there head.....
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Duke Mitchell
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the dude
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black sea-bass lives matter...nice release.
The dude abides.
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