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What's Your Favorite Position? On Top or Sideways?

It's likely that this will only apply to Hobie kayakers, no offense paddlers.

When fighting a fish do you prefer to fight it up straight up and down or let it run and fight it sideways, frontways, etc?

here's what I do:

once the fish is on and I have cleared all other lines I will point my bow in the direction that the fish is running and pedal and wind as fast as possible. Once I have the fish straight up and down I will make sure that the fish is on my right/starboard side. As I'm fighting the fish I will scan my scan and make sure that my gaff and game clip are ready. As soon as the fish comes to color I will slowly pedal and make every attempt to get the fish to lay flat, this makes gaffing the fish in the sweet spot much easier.


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Not offended, and as a "paddler" all of the same as you mentioned applies. My main focus is to maneuver the yak so this fish is always in front of me and not finding it's way to the back and then I am fighting it backward. That's the point when it gets a little uncomfortable.

My focus is to gaff in the head if at all possible. I like to preserve any meat including the belly!

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When a fish runs out and away and you're gaining line youre basically pulling yourself over the top of the fish. And if you're peddling you get there even faster. I've found being straight over yt let's you put more pressure on the fish.

I have as long narrow yak so what stability it has is bow to stern, not side to side. So I never sit side ways. I try to keep the rod pointed at the bow. Bow being 12:00, I'll have the rod pointed at 11:00. Max pressure and Max stability. Mike
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Your method of keeping your yak moving forward is a good call. Forward motion can stop the fish from circling at color. Friends of mine have fought large tuna and bill fish while keeping the boat moving forward. They said it greatly reduces the long death spiral of tuna. Should work on yt too. Mike
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I had to start reading the post to make sure Jorge, that you were talking about kayak fishing, LOL. It doesn't matter if I'm using my Hobie Revo 13 or my Malibu X Factor and paddling. I prefer on top facing forward and to point the rod near the bow to keep the kayak from rocking too much, especially when the fish likes to take off in a different direction. Large Yellows and Threshers love to take off to the side and if your rod is to the side, then it make for some quick body reaction and leaning to the opposite side to keep the kayak from possibly rolling. I know if you're on a PA that provably is not a problem. By having the rod to the bow I can put much more pressure on the rod, to tire out the fish. I usually start gaining line on the port side and by having the rod near the bow, the kayak always follows the fish. I get the gaff ready on deck. Once on top of the fish, I wait till I see color and move the tip of the rod to the starboard side, because I prefer using my right had to gaff and pull in the fish.
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