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Old 11-29-2017, 09:56 AM   #1
Dirty Curti
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Thresher in Oceanside

Headed out Sunday from the Harbor and paddled South to Buc Pipe. I usually make bait at the pier but this day there was nothing to be had.

No worries though I figured I would run into some on my way. Only made one big mac on the way in fact it was a whopper. Anyway, continued to my target and as luck would have it all of the bait you could handle was everywhere around the Buc pipe. Made a few and pinned one on for the top and another for the bottom.

Continued to fish for some Sandies or Calicos as I waited and then the scream of the real comes. I look back to see what the fuss was from and I see a big splash behind me. The pursuit is on. Along with a fumble reeling in my down line I managed to get it done.

Here's the video. Thresher Shark Oceanside

[IMG] photo GOPR0416_zpsvcvtsqcs.jpg[/IMG]

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ha it looks like he made a last attempt to make a run for it but with you holding its tail it had no chance.
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Old 11-29-2017, 11:58 AM   #3
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Sweet! Nice job on landing it. Enjoy the tasty steaks.
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Old 11-29-2017, 12:31 PM   #4
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Bad ass! Cool watching you improvise on how to land her!
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Old 12-02-2017, 09:31 AM   #5
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That thing looks crazy! I can’t even imagine fighting a fish that size.

I’m thinking of doing basically the same route tomorrow morning - out the harbor and try to paddle down that way and see the Buccaneer pipe action. I’m not very experienced, so anyone’s advice is welcome, or if anyone is out that way looking for a newbie tag along!
No bait tank or fishfinder yet, so I’m planning on heading toward some GPS coordinates for Buc pipe and playing with some jigs and such. May try to pick up a single baitfish via sabiki and tie it right on.

When you guys fish the pier, how close to it do you go? Haven’t found much online about etiquette for kayak fishing near where the pier fisherman are working.
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Old 12-03-2017, 07:08 AM   #6
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Just launched in oside harbor. If anyone is in the area and sees me cruising in a yellow OK Malibu 2 XL and orange PFD, come say hi.
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Old 12-04-2017, 09:36 AM   #7
Dirty Curti
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I hope you had a good trip.

Fishing near the pier is fine. I just like to stay a little further than anyone could cast and hit you. Unfortunately there can be jerks at times around there.

Buc has many lobster traps on the spot so look for those and fish around them.

I even caught a near 200 lb. Black Seabass over there a few weeks earlier. There's a video of that on youtube as well.

Let us know your experience.

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Old 12-04-2017, 10:04 PM   #8
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Yeah, I checked out your BSB video as well.

Well, I sort of made it down there.
Trolled a 1oz krocodile from the harbor mouth down to the south jetty and thought Iíd bring it in only to find a little lizard fish on there that I hadnít even noticed. Switched to dragging a sabiki and got a nice sized mackerel On the way to the pier. Let him go and picked up four more a bit closer. Trolled one of them with no luck, and he wasnít very lively by the time I got there, so he went back in.

Around the pier I fished the krocodile spoon again for a quick lizard fish in the first minute or so, and then spend a couple minutes with a homemade butter knife jig I just put together during the week and caught what looked like the exact same fish. Not a great catch, but i was just glad to have some action and see the butter knife actually work.

I was starting to feel a little seasick by that time, even though conditions were pretty beautiful. I didnít stay more than probably five minutes there, since I wanted to get to buccaneer pipe. Headed down that way, stopping briefly at a yellow bouy inshore a little bit south of the pier. Not sure what that one means, but I saw some floats of some sort bobbing in the area.

Eventually, I got down off Buccaneer beach and my gps point was about 1000ft out further, but by that point I was feeling pretty sick, had to go to the bathroom pretty badly, and just wanted to go home, so I didnít even attempt to fish and turned around to go back, feeling pretty bad the whole way. I donít know if Iím just going to be prone to seasickness even on the kayak, or if it was just that I was worn out from a busy weekend before the early morning and long paddle, or maybe the two beers I had the night before. Still felt a bit sick today, so maybe Iím actually fighting something off and not doomed to get queasy in the water.

That was only my second time in the open ocean, after going out of the harbor and down to around the south jetty a couple weekends ago. Only been in the bays so far before that. Maybe this weekend I can try again with more care toward seasickness and see how I do.

I still have the itch to fish since I spent most of my time on the water paddling to and from fishing spots and not much actually fishing. The mackerel and lizard fish were pretty effortless, so that made a total of eight, if you count ďbaitĒ, which is more than Iíve seen in a while, so thatís a good upgrade from getting skunked too many times recently! Plus, now I can say Iíve caught a fish with a butter knife, which I think is awesome.

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Old 12-05-2017, 04:04 AM   #9
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Noice fish!

Noice fish!
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Yo, if I don't take Dramamine the night before and in the morning I'll be puking a half hour after I hit the mouth of the harbor. Another tip is look at the horizon, anytime you are not fighting a fish. And even then, keep your eyes up, until you have to land it. Even in calm water, the small adjustments your body is constantly making, and going from looking down, to up to down to up, will cause havoc on your equilibrium. I can usually hold it off until I decide to tie a new rig, then the 5 minutes spent looking at my lap while my body tries to stay balanced with no visual point of reference puts me over the edge. I used to get sea sick on long hikes, because I was looking down at the trail, up at the view, down at the trail and up at the view..........an hour into it, I'm throwing up. Anyway, buy a $5 tube of Dramamine and eat one before bed and before you leave the house. You'll be gold.
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Old 12-05-2017, 12:26 PM   #11
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^^i keep a pack of Bonine in the center console of my truck, and always take one when Iím about 30 mins from launch. Iím usually good on a boat, but after my first couple of kayak trips I donít even risk it anymore.
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One of the leading causes of seasickness is dehydration.

Drink LOTS of water the day before, and have a good, but light breakfast before launch. I give that advice to a lot of ocean newbies and it seems to help quite a bit.

Oh, and I'm pretty anti bonnie. Look at the ingredients and tell me its worth the $$....
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Have you guys had any issues with drowsiness from the dramamines and bonines? Seems like the meclizine-based ones (bonine, less-drowsy dramamine) tend to have less reputation for drowsiness, though perhaps can vary from person to person. I'll have to get some and see how it works for me.

Originally Posted by [B
goldenglory18[/B]]Oh, and I'm pretty anti bonnie. Look at the ingredients and tell me its worth the $$....
Is that just because of the cost over plain meclizine?
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Old 12-11-2017, 02:09 PM   #14
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Another good alternative is pickled ginger. I typically have a small zip lock with several chunk of ginger and just chew it like tobacco.

I take dramamine but I still feel queezy and you get the drowsiness effect regardless. Also avoid eating anything greasy the night and the day of your trip to help with crazy stomach issues. Nothing worse than needing to go #2 in the ocean... lol
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